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Be the Narrative - Beyond the Resume

Why is it important to think beyond the resume and build a compelling narrative and brand? I spoke at Wingate University and had the great pleasure of leading a workshop titled ‘Beyond the Resume - Be The Narrative’ for 40+ students.

During this workshop, I challenged students to think about their 'Why' before editing their resume and applying to different career opportunities. The reason? I've found that the most successful job search strategies are ones that are targeted to particular opportunities that match up to long-term career goals instead of casting a wide net.

Main Takeaways:

1. Apply the #mindset of asking yourself WHY you are interested in a particular #career, hashtag#company and #industry? This will help you create a targeted job search approach.

2. Conduct a self-assessment of HOW are you currently #branding yourself and what your #narrative is suggesting about you.

3. Once you know your 'why' and understand your 'how', then you can work on WHAT #content to write about yourself on your #resume.

This approach has helped dozens of clients that I've worked with land jobs at competitive firms.


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