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AIC Mindset's Response to Injustice

A message from AIC Mindset

To our community,

We should not be silent during troubling times, especially one following the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless more. There is no room to seek anything other than justice, understanding, and love.

We stand with everyone who seeks equality, and we will not be silent. There are so many ways in which anyone can help and support. Educate others and yourself on the topics at hand. Donate to the George Floyd Memorial Fund and Reclaim The Block and any other initiative that is working to end systemic racism and create understanding among the people. Other recommended activities includes watching documentaries and films about racism and oppression, reading books about privilege and the struggle against systemic racism, and taking time to reflect on how you can best help change unconscious biases.

Not being racist is not enough; we must strive to be anti-racist. We must strive for a better world and a better tomorrow. That can only be done when voices are heard, and change is made. 

We cannot pretend to understand everything or the feelings of everyone's suffering, but we can offer our support in whatever way we can. We do not tolerate racism and the racial injustice that so many face today is completely unacceptable, so it is important now more than ever to be united against this injustice. 

Thank you to everyone currently working to make a difference and to stand up for others; we do so in solidarity and to make a difference for a better tomorrow for all.



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