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AIC Turns 2!

Good Morning, Mindsetters!

AIC Mindset is turning two years old today, July 16th! 

As we reflect on the past two years, here are a few things we have accomplished:

  • Collaborated with Universities such as Rutgers-Newark, Rutgers-New Brunswick, UNCC, Wingate, and Queens University to hold 15+ workshops, keynote presentations, and 100+ 1-on-1 consultations.  

  • Have served 100+ professional and student clients that have led to success stories such as landing new jobs, getting promoted, increasing salaries, switching industries, switching careers, identifying MBA programs and so much more! 

  • Have reached thousands of young and experienced professionals through motivational speaking content, social media engagement, articles, blogs, in-person and virtual events to make a difference in their lives.


  • Helped generate $250K+ of increased salaries in just the past few months alone.  

  • Launched an AIC Internship Program and expanded the team by 5! Our interns work on AIC Mindset's digital marketing, campaigning, creative content generation, weekly newsletters, social media management, strategy, and much more. 

It is incredibly important to everyone at AIC Mindset, that we help build the next generation of leaders as well. The vast majority of our work and partnerships goes to mostly support undeserved and underprivileged diverse communities, and 1st generation Americans and college students.

Giving back to these communities fuels our mission and purpose as a business to help develop and instill confidence in those who need it most in order to excel in their careers.



Intern Takeover!

Stay tuned for our Intern Takeover on our Instagram!

As mentioned at the beginning of the blogpost, AIC Mindset has a team of

five interns that is comprised of Marketing Strategists and Creative Writing Leads. 

Our social media content and newsletters are created by our interns! They will be sharing what they do behind the scenes during their takeover on Instagram. Make sure to tune in to see what they do!

Keep an eye out for a very special giveaway coming to our social media pages for one lucky AIC community member!



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