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At AIC Mindset, we lead our clients in a strategic direction to do what they love and be successful at it. Through individualized coaching, branding discussions, professional resume writing, LinkedIn revamps, interview coaching, workshops and much more, we provide the tools necessary to plan the next move in your career. 

Focus Areas: 

  • Career Strategy - Understanding your values and interest and how it aligns to a career you can pursue 

  • Digital Branding - Developing a Compelling Narrative & Brand on all angles that represent you professionally 

  • Job Search Optimization - Applying best practices to launch a successful job search strategy that derives results 

Start your personal and professional development TODAY and let us help you create the narrative to land your next opportunity! 

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"Realistic, Ambitious and Genuine"

I hired Amir to conduct 50+ mock interviews at Rutgers-Newark as a part of a class curriculum at the business school. Amir has done a great job teaching our students on interview best practices and helping them master the interview process. We enjoy working with him, he is highly regarded and we look forward to bring him back soon. Students enjoy working with him. 

Wanda M.

Assistant Dean


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