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Interviewing Tips

Here are a few items that I think are critical for nailing the interview:

1. Give yourself time for adequate preparation (research the industry, company & position). If you know your interviewer, research them too.

2. The goal is to develop a valuable connection with the interviewer instead of trying to solely impress them. Be yourself by being over-prepared, not over-rehearsed.

3. Understand that anything on your resume can be turned into a question. Be prepared to share responses in the form of stories where applicable and have examples of your greatest accomplishments ready.

4. Prepare for common interview questions and think of 8-10 questions! Realistically you’ll get to ask 3-5 but it is better to be overly prepared in case some questions get organically answered throughout the interview.

5. Recognize that landing the interview is the hardest part of the job search process which means that if you have one – You EARNED it. Be prepared, positive and go in there with the confidence that you’re going to crush it!


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