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AIC Mindset - Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking can feel like a daunting experience if you allow it to be. I’ve learned that applying a different mindset to your approach and outlook on speaking can lead to a better outcome of your speaking opportunity.

Here are my top 5 tips that I apply anytime I get asked to speak in public:

1. Remember that you were asked to speak for a reason. People want to hear what you have to say. Try and replace fear with confidence.

2. Right before I go up to speak there is a sudden rush of anxiety that settles in me. The way I combat it is expressing gratitude for the opportunity.

3. Understand that preparation is key. It is important to create talking points for yourself that you want to hit on instead of memorizing verbatim ‘words’ and ‘sentences’ that you’d like to use.

4. Try to anticipate questions your audience may have and answer them yourself. This will help you create additional talking points for your speech.

5. Think about one item you want your audience to remember (by referencing quotes, sharing stories or life lessons). This will help you drive the ‘why’ you are speaking and will help answer ‘so what’ and how it applies to them.


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