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On-site assessments and training

AIC Student Leadership Institute

This covers a 1-3 day workshop series designed for campus leaders, organization

e-board members and/or any students the institution deems necessary to include:

Leading vs Following

Knowing when to take charge and when to allow others to lead. Knowing how to utilize your team’s strengths/weaknesses and ensure everyone is developing and working on the projects they are interested in.

Event Planning & Delegation

How to focus on quality vs quantity for event planning. Learning how to properly utilize additional resources and ensuring everyone is contributing to the end goals.

Communication Skills & Meeting Effectiveness

Learning how to properly and effectively communicate (when to use calls, emails, group messages and the importance of your non-verbal cues).


Budgeting and Financial Awareness

Understand the process of creating a stable budget, how to maximize efforts and raise funds.

Public Speaking & Executive Presence

Build confidence and learn how to deliver an effective presentation or speech.

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