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On-site assessments and training

Professional and Personal Development Workshops

We offer world-class workshops covering pre-interview, interview and post-interview phases of the professional development continuum. Workshops are tailored to the needs of your insitution's students, including:

Job/Internship Search Strategies

The importance of securing internships and outlining different strategies of standing out and obtaining one.


Building Effective Resumes

Understanding resumes and why they are important. Through describing the characteristics of an effective resume, developing a resume with industry specifications, obtaining resume guidelines, action words and pitfalls to avoid, students increase the chances of being hired.

Mastering Your Interviewing Skills

Best practices on how to prepare for an interview, along with strategies on how to best sell yourself during the interview to seal the deal.


Networking and Relationship Building

Students learn how to market themselves in person and virtually (LinkedIn) while also understanding the importance of growing your network and establishing the ‘right’ relationships.


Branding and Learning to Tell Your Story

How to answer the 'who are you' question and the importance of mastering your elevator pitch. Learning why it's critical to develop your ability to communicate effectively and sell yourself personally and professionally.

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